Armadillo Liners is your one-stop source for Spray-On Bedliner systems, Chemical, Accessories, Training, & 24/7 Tech Support. We specialize in making your team the machine.

You Need the Right Equipment

Armadillo Liners only delivers the best. As a top tier Graco equipment distributor we provide full system packages that include EVERYTHNG you need to bring your spray-on bedliner operations in-house. Our system experts will help you make sense of the options to ensure that you get the right piece of equipment for your shop. 

You have questions and we have answers, but more importantly we help you ask yourself the right questions. We listen and we sell you what you need, explain the benefits of each option, and continue to provide support along the way.


Spray-On Bedliner Systems.


EZ Cartridge System

Air-Driven Cartridge Coatings System

Inexpensive entry into the bedliner business for lower volume or patch repairs. 


Reactor E-10hp

Electric-Driven Coatings System

Compact Entry-Level System. Portable convenience that uses a standard residential outlet. 


Reactor A-XP1

Air-Driven Coatings System

Next Level Entry System. All components of this system use air, so it Requires a large air compressor to push the entire setup. Great bang for your buck!


Reactor E-XP1

Electric-Driven Coatings System

Next Level Electric System. Lower power requirements and air consumption make this a good option.


Reactor 2 E-XP2

Electric-Driven Coatings System

Mid-Level System with all of the data features that make reporting and troubleshooting with tech support so much easier. Best option for mid to high volume.


Reactor 2 H-XP2 and H-XP3

Hydraulic-Driven Coatings System

High Production-Level System. The most robust system Graco offers. Larger heaters decrease start-up times and maintain pressures & temperatures for constant spraying. 


Mobile Spray Rig

Take the Show on The Road..

Customers want to get sprayed at their location? Let’s get you setup to spray ANYWHERE. Opens you up to a whole new world of options..check out the Marvel-side.


Coating solutions for any task.

Build A Complete Set

Select a System

Choose an air, electric or hydraulic model.
• Optional data reporting capabilities
• Foam models rated at 2000 psi (138 bar, 13.8 MPa)
• Coatings models rated up to 3500 psi (240 bar, 24.0 MPa)

Select Heated Hoses

Choose from pressure ratings of 2000 psi or 3500 psi (138 to 240 bar, 13.8 to 24.0 MPa). Choose 3/8 in or 1/2 in ID.

Select Heated Whip Hose

Choose from pressure ratings of 2000 psi or 3500 psi (138 to 240 bar, 13.8 to 24.0 MPa). Choose 1/4 in or 3/8 in ID.



Choose an air-purge, mechanical-purge or liquid-purge gun with a round or flat pattern.


Choose from diaphragm or piston pumps for standard materials in drum-mount or wall-mount. Select a 2:1 piston pump for materials with higher viscosities.


Choose a kit to agitate your resin for a consistent coating. Graco’s patented Twistork® agitators are very low shear to minimize material frothing.