Armadillo Spray In Truck Bed Liners

Your dealership can offer the most durable spray-in truck bed liner in the market and not pay a single franchise fee. Welcome to Armadillo Liners! We’re dedicated to providing the best chemical systems, tech support, and training to our partners. We believe industrial-grade polyurea products belong at your dealership. That’s why Armadillo truck bedliner spray come with a higher polyurea-content perfect for your Truck, Jeep, ATV, or Boat. Our no franchise fee means it’s easy to start offering high-quality protective coatings and grow your business. Just spray it. . .We got you covered.


It’s about Chemistry- Because we bring the best combination of what your shop or dealership needs to succeed. A partner with focus on quality, quantity, and pricing of chemical and equipment to ensure you get the most out of your setup.

  • More Product in your drums
  • Higher Polyurea Content
  • On-site Training
  • 24/7 Technical Support Line
  • Spray System Options

The Armadillo truck bedliner spray system was designed to provide enhanced adhesion, impact resistance, and UV stability far better than our competition. Your customers Demand Quality, Deserve the Best, so Deliver Armadillo Liners. 


If you’re like most truck owners, you want to keep your vehicle looking and feeling like new for as long as possible. Consequently, you really need to know if a drop-in or spray-on truck bedliner will work best for you.

Four Values of Armadillo Truck Bedliners


Premium Polyurea

Higher Polyurea Content
Closest to 100% Pure Polyurea
Higher Polyurea equals:
  • Superior UV Stability
  • Lifetime Adhesion
  • Less Maintenance
  • Beautiful Texture
  • Better than factory finish
  • Impact Absorption & Resistance


No Start-up Franchise Fees

Your equipment package is your only investment.

Low-Cost Cartridge Option

Economical entry into spray-on bedliners.

Turn-Key High-Pressure Systems

Our packages include everything you need: equipment, accessories, chemical, & training. No HIDDEN FEES

Financing Options Available

Our third-party lenders are eager to offer financing that makes making dollars make sense.

On-Site Training

Ensures your team knows how to keep your shop spraying & making money.


Incomparable Corrosion Protection

Waterpoof coating seals & protects the surface far better than a drop-in liner.


One it's on, it's on forever.


Less investment to get started means quicker profits.
More products in your drums means more trucks sprayed.
Invest with a partner that INVESTS IN YOU
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • On-Site Training
  • Dedicated Support Line
  • Recurring Training Events
  • Marketing Material A-la-carte
  • Multi-State Distribution


  • Better Physical Properties
  • Better UV Stability
  • Better Adhesion
  • Better Impact Resistance
  • Better Quality

Trade Shows

  • AMPP Expo
    AMPP Expo

    San Antonio, TX
    March 7-9 / Booth 1156

  • American Coatings Show
    NTEA/Work Truck Show 2022

    Indianapolis Convention Center
    March 9-11 / Booth #5743

  • OTC 2022
    OTC 2022

    NRG PARK in Houston, TX
    May 2-5 / Booth 1277


Factory liners are sprayed thin and without being sanded. They also use below average coatings to spray each truck bed. Consumers deserve better. If you are a truck dealership, body shop, accessory outfitter or distributor, deliver to your customers a product that will last. We’re with you every step of the way!

Determine Volume & Set-up Location

How many spray-on truck bedliners are you outsourcing or ordering from the factory at your dealership?

How many truck bedliners are spraying or outsourcing, or turning away at your shop?

Booth Set-Up and Safety Recommendations

Where are you going to prep the trucks/vehicles?

Where are you going to put your booth?

How far is your air & power source?

What type of exhaust do you need?

Determine Electrical & Air Needs

Does your facility have Single-phase or 3-Phase Power?

What size is your main breaker on your electrical panel?

What size is your compressor?

Does your compressor have at least 21 CFM? How about 40+ CFM?

Choose the Best Bedliner Product

There’s really only one option here, and we are proud to say it’s the best. It’s why you’re here- to find the highest quality polyurea at a fair price. Let’s talk about our M91 Premium Hybrid Polyurea.

Choose Your Training Date

You’ve covered all of the bases- the right power & air supply, the right system is on its way, THE RIGHT COMPANY was chosen, and now we’re going to send you out one of the best technicians in the industry to train your team. Let’s go!

Select Your Marketing Tools

All marketing items are ordered a-la-carte. If you need it we’ll get it- custom brochures, koozies, T-Shirts, Hats, etc. If you don’t then no worries because you’re not being charged for it in your chemical price.

Spray For Profit

You’re now ready to make a great decision and choose Armadillo Truck Bed Liners. We promise not to let you down. If words like Reliability, Durability, Quality, Responsive and Available mean good business to you, please know we’ll keep you up & spraying so the customers will keep saying- I LOVE MY NEW BEDLINER.