Becoming a Spray-in Bedliner Contractor

Spray-In Bedliners: An Overview 

From aesthetic to efficiency, spray-in bedliner is an essential product for anyone with a truck in modern times. Spray-in bedliner ensures that a truck owner’s cargo remains safe and in one place when being transported, as well as protecting the truck bed from wear and tear over time from weather. These bedliners, unlike traditional drop-in truck bedliners, are installed to fit any truck bed shape, removing the need to look for a specific type of bed liner to fit the truck. 

Additionally, drop-in bedliners can trap water, sand, and other debris in the space between the truck bed and the liner, resulting in extensive and expensive damage to the truck bed. This makes spray-in bedliners the preferred choice for truck owners that are looking for the highest quality protection for their vehicles.

In the end, spray-in bedliner is a product that any mindful truck owner will be looking to invest in. By becoming a contractor for Armadillo Liners, you’re becoming a dealer for an essential, premium service with significant demand that will never disappear. People will always need their trucks in top shape, and with the right products and equipment, you can help them get there.

Why Become a Dealer With Us

Armadillo Liners focuses on making it easier for you to get your business set up and on the road to success. Along with no franchise fees, we provide your business with the highest quality hybrid polyurea, the pinnacle of spray systems in the industry, and quick response technical support to make sure any issues that come your way are just bumps in the road. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from becoming an Armadillo Liners dealer with us:

  • No Contract Requirements

  • Expert Consultation for Equipment and Application

  • Financing Options

  • On-site Installation and Training

  • 27/7 Dedicated Technical Support Line

  • Quarterly Training programs

The Process

To help you get started on becoming a contractor, or to help you reformat your existing business plan, we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide covering the basics:

  1. Know Your Volume

    • It’s important to understand, on average, just how many bedliners you’re outsourcing. If you’re currently ordering from a factory, keep track of how many you’re ordering, as well as how many you intend on ordering (ex., 2 per week, 2 per day, etc.) This information helps us make sense of your numbers and provide guidance for future orders.

  2. Resources: Power & Air Supply

    • In order to ensure you have the best and most efficient equipment for your setup needs, and to make sure it falls within your budget, it’s essential to understand what type of power your facility has. 

  3. Location

    • Knowing where you’re going to be doing your work is a key factor in getting your business started. You should have a designated area for truck preparation and spraying, and should have the equipment necessary already on hand to do mobile jobs before ordering any product. You should make sure there is space for the specific size of booth you need, and the space between it and the electrical and air supply should be measured. It’s also important to have an exhaust system nearby, if you’re doing your work indoors.

  4. The Right Equipment

    • In order to maximize the ratio between your current budget and how much growth you should strive for, knowing the kind of equipment you need is key. The biggest choices you’ll need to make on that front are using a cartridge system (link to cartridge page) versus using a high pressure system (link to page), and whether your business should be using an air driven system or an electrical driven system.

  5. Payment

    • There are several financial questions you’re sure to have during this process, like how you’re going to pay for all of this, do I have to wait to pay until I have all of the money, are there options outside of paying all at once, etc. We want to assure you that our financing specialists are here to help you come up with a plan to fund your new system. Some of the financing options that we offer include:

      1. 100% Financing

      2. 2 - 5 year terms

      3. Payments as low as $600/month

      4. Payment Deferral Programs

  6. Training

    • At this point, you’ve covered all of the essentials from the ground up; you’ve set up your equipment, purchased your product, your workstation is established, and your system is en route to your business to be installed. All that’s left is preparation and spray training for your team, and we’ve got the best technicians in the industry to do it.

Investment Potential 

Investing in a spray-on bedliner system at your facility has the potential to yield a 35% - 45% return within 5 years. The average return for a small business over the last 30 - 50 years has been 10.9% - 13.9%, based on a volume calculation of only 20 bedliners a month. If you double that volume over 5 years, then you’re looking at a 56% - 67% return. Those are attractive figures, even after factoring in maintenance costs. We’ll make sure your machine is up and running as often as possible, so that you can make as much profit as possible.

Become a Dealer

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