We know that you take pride in your work, and you want to build, keep, and maintain a reputation for offering quality workmanship and services to your valuable customers. You’ve come to us to find the right spray-on bedliner product to offer your customers what they deserve- THE BEST.

Primers aren’t always needed for truck bedliners. We strongly recommend that trucks are wiped down with acetone, scuffed up, wiped down again & sprayed. However there are some that prefer to avoid this step and  need an adhesion promoter, or need a good industrial grade primer to ensure superior adhesion to different surfaces. We are here to provide these solutions and options to you.

When you’re accustomed to spraying your truck bedliner without scuffing and prefer using an Adhesion Promoter- We got you covered. Our Marvel AP Primer will provide a strong chemical bond that can save you time.


Looking to do a small patch up on an existing truck bedliner? Looking to freshen up an old, faded bedliner? Polyurea won’t stick to old polyurea, BUT our proprietary Marvel NP Recoat Primer is just what you need prepare a new spray-on bedliner to bond with an old bedliner . You can spray, wipe, let dry, and then re-apply you bedliner material, and not have to worry about adhesion. 

This is THE BEST multi-surface primer we have TESTED. Also known as our 1:1:1 Primer, this product has been tested on metals, aluminum, wood, and concrete, and outperformed multiple other primers. 
Standard bedliners don’t require a primer, however diamond-plated flat beds, fiberglass parts, and anything you’re unsure will bond well with polyurea alone should benefit from this primer.